Dog Walking

About the service.

Gunner and Steve try a selfie .

Gunner and Steve try a selfie .


We are able to provide a regular service or one-off walks , with discounts available for regular walks.

Our main walker, Steve is also the owner of Catsash Kennels and has experience walking a number of different breeds. In most situations we would prefer to meet the dog and owner first to assess what’s needed. We also need to get to know your dog ( if we haven’t met before !) so will spend time bonding with them. We’ll also complete a registration form.

Walks will be in local countryside along footpaths and we’ll ensure that the dogs are dried off in wet weather and have a good drink in the summer. We’ll also try to use different routes that ensure your dog is interested in where they are. We can provide picture , text or video updates should you require.

We  will walk one to one or with dogs from the same family, rather than lots of dogs at the same time. The walks are at the dog’s pace and will allow them plenty of sniffing and exploring time. We. prefer to use extending leads and harnesses / collars. All dogs should have id collars and we’ll add our own id too.

Our services are all insured by Petplan Sanctuary – copies of our insurance are available at initial meeting


After the initial meeting we are happy to arrange access for walking or a collection and return time. As we also have daycare and grooming facilities .We are happy to mix and match services for you.

To book.

Call Steve on 07775530940 / 01633 422049


contact via the website here


Walks can be from 1/2 hr to 2 hours in duration.


1/2 hr walk – £9

1 hr. walk – £11

2 hr. walk – £18

Second dog half price. Discounts for regular walks available.( Regular = twice per week)


We accept all payment methods