Not the real Xena.
Not the real Xena.


The recent NATO summit saw Catsash Kennels play host to 24 police dogs from around the UK . Amongst them was the lovely Xena ( pictured with her handler) .

Xena is a Belgian Malinois or Belgian Shepherd. Malis, as they are sometimes called, have been introduced to many police forces as they make great working dogs. This is due to their natural protective and territorial instincts alongside a high degree of intelligence.

While Xena was a sweet natured dog in the kennels I was assured that Malis are able to not just track criminals they are also able to knock them over on the run. We didn’t test this out !

NATO Summit guard dog Xena

Fortunately the collected dogs were not called upon to chase or track protesters, but we did hear that there might be a very nervous goat living around Priory Farm! The week passed without major incidents and we would like to thank Gwent Police and South Wales Police for working with us. In case you’re wondering – no we didn’t meet Barrack or David ( or anyone remotely political) – but we probably met the most interesting in Xena and her colleagues – I would of liked to meet Xena’s name sake but a picture will do ( and this isn’t of the real Xena!).

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