Not just holidays

wpid-20140518_075905.jpgOver the past couple of weeks we have welcomed a number of dogs into kennels for reasons other than holidays.

Building work is a regular reason for visits, as tradesman can’t really be expected to keep an eye on the family dog – especially if it’s an escape artist or likes to wander! And it seems that sometimes the workman turn up at short-notice then take a little longer than predicted to complete the jobs.

If this happens we’ll always try and step in as we understand that plans are difficult to make when there a number of factors at play. What you need to know is that your pet is safe while you concentrate on your grand design at home (pun intended)

The other reason popping up is that dogs left at home for longish stretches can become concerned. This may result in unwelcome barking, destructive behaviour or the dreaded welcome home poo! None of this is the dogs fault and they should never be blamed for it. Dogs Trust say that you shouldn’t leave your dog alone for longer than four hours at a time.

In these cases its better for the dog to be somewhere where there is company (human and animal), and slowly get used to the idea that the lovely person that feeds/walks them sometimes needs to work to pay for the home that they chew.

At Catsash Kennels we are able to offer daycare from £8 per day. This includes 20 minutes exercise and kennel accommodation. We also offer a Woodland Walk for £6 that lasts for 3/4 hour and includes drying off the dog in wet conditions.

To book get in touch via  our contact us page or call 01633 422049 or call/text 07775530940

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