Now’s the time to book your dates.

For many people the next couple of months are when they start to book and plan their holidays, Someone called me yesterday as their employer asked for them to  book all their main holiday dates for the coming year now. That’s organised!

I was pleased that booking their dog’s boarding kennel dates was on the holiday planning to do list  of Mrs Organised. As much as possible I would  really recommend getting dates into the kennel booking diary now. With the main school holiday as major bottle necks the sooner everything is booked the sooner you can relax and look forward to the summer sun ( if that’s your thing!) However, unlike holiday companies our prices don’t go up during the peak season.

We’ve changed kennel layouts – so all kennels have an exercise run. This does mean we have less capacity ,so I would hate for regular customers to miss out if they leave booking too late. We’ll always try our best to fit around customer dates so please get in touch as soon as you have decided. You can download a booking form and read our terms and conditions here.

booked your holiday..don't forget to book your dog's holiday too.
booked your holiday..don’t forget to book your dog’s holiday too.

For details about how to book click here or to contact us click here

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